Costume Ball 5: more ladies, more gentlemen

The Library Time Machine

It’s January, so we start the new year by going back to the Duchess of Devonshire’s Jubilee Costume Ball of 1897, for another visit. But don’t think I’m scraping away at the bottom of the barrel. There are still plenty of interesting costumes to see, and no shortage of eminent ladies (and a few gentlemen) who had put some considerable effort into selecting their outfits for the event.

We can start with a couple of Duchesses:

The Duchess of Marlborough as the wife of the French ambasador at the court of Catherine of Russia page 116

This is the Duchess of Marlborough, in the role of “the wife of the French Ambassador at the court of Catherine the Great of Russia”. The Duchess was formerly Consuelo Vanderbilt an eligible American heiress who was apparently forced into her marriage (to the 9th Duke of Marlborough) by her mother. The marriage ended in divorce in 1921. She remained friendly with some members of her husband’s family including Winston Churchill.

Another Russian connection…

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Survey Profiling

this is a complaint i just submitted to lifepoints. I don’t know about the experience of others but it seems to me this is basic common sense.

Survey Profiling

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    Jean-Luc Martel

    i getting sick and tired of nearly every survey i answer cutting me off after 3-4 questions because “you have too many people that fit this profile”. IF THAT’S TRUE THEN HELP REFINE THESE THINGS SO I’M NOT JUST WASTING MY TIME. Also these surveys VERY rarely make allowances for the LGBTQ community. while i myself am not LGBTQ i can easily see that this causes problems. like when it asks are you a male or female what if your trans? that’s discrimination and guarantees that a huge potential chunk of people will not use these surveys. it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.